What are Roxx3D and RoxxWorld?

RoxxWorld is a dream of connecting people throughout the globe in a metropolitan game enviroment.

The company Roxx3D was founded four years ago after Micael and his daughter visited New York, NY for the first time. They were simply mesmerized by the city’s big pulse and all that cliché magic you only think exists in movies. But the New York magic exists outside the big silver screen. There and then was a seed planted and growing, a dream of one day be able to have everyone experience that magic wherever they are and whatever background they’re from.

After four years of blood, sweat and tears we are now ready for the next step on our journey.

What does the project look like?

RoxxWorld is in the start up position and requires a lot of time and effort.

Our project is a mix of community and gaming world. The goal is to create a multiplayer 3D-dimensional world of the greatest city of all, NYC. The main focus right now is to continue to build up the entire Manhattan area, including everything from buildings to subway system, with the focus to implement gaming structure as we go.

We offer unlimited opportunities to develop different type of game variations.

Who are you?

We are looking for you who has good experience in running and directing gaming projects, as well as having good knowledge in the game programming world. We also believe you have broad knowledge in all areas of game development and has a good eye for details and a big sense of creativity. We also believe you are passionate, flexible and most of all, a dreamer.

We think that you have strong motivation, a great deal of experience and a winning mindset.

You have to be fluent in English, both written and verbal.

We’re looking for a dreamer to join our team.

  • First, we are looking for a General Group Leader who will play a major role throughout our development phase and will influence and control gamedevelopment in RoxxWorld.

Revenue ?

RoxxWorld are in the start up position and so called “Indie game”.

We don’t have the possibility to pay any revenues at this stage of our journey, but our goal is to get the project profitable and get you repayment for the work done.

Are you one of our new team members?

Although the company is based in the Sweden, we operate remotely so we encourage global prospects as well as local.

Please join us! and fill out our form here!

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Hope to see you soon again…